How should you handle your Leaky Water Heater?

Normally, your water heater should last up to 12 years, irrespective of the type. The length of time it lasts for depends on how well you take care of it. Despite taking good care of the water heater, it may still end up leaking.

What Causes a Water Heater to Leak

The leaks can be easily repaired, meaning you do not have to buy a new one immediately you notice a leak in the water heater. Before you call on the plumber to repair your damaged water heater, you should follow the instructions outlined below.

Switch off power supply

First of all, turn the power supply off once you notice any leakage; that is, if it is an electric water heater. You can switch off the power supply to the heater from the breaker panel. In the case of a gas water heater, you should switch off the fuel supply by switching off the thermostat on your gas water heater.  The thermostat is very easy to find.  

Shut the water off

After switching off the power supply to the heater, the next step is to shut off the water; this is very easy anyway. To do this, look for the cold water line that leads to the water heater. Locate the valve on the line and turn it to the right; continue turning it until it closes.  This will effectively turn off the water. After completing this step, move on to the next one, which will be discussed next.

Drain off the water in the tank  

This is undoubtedly the most important of all the steps involved in preparing your heater for repair; this step also takes time and effort. First of all, look out for the drain valve close to the bottom part of the water heater and fix a garden hose to it. Direct the attached hose to a sump pit or drain and open the valve.  The valve on an older water heater may look like just a spigot. On the other hand, new brands of water heater are fitted with drain stems with slots provided for screwdrivers.

After opening the drain valve, the water may either flow well or poorly; the latter case occurs due to the vacuum in the water heater.  You simply need to open any of the water faucets in the home, and this will adequately break the vacuum.  Opening the water faucet will allow air to

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