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Leak Detection & Repairs

A leak in your plumbing system can have a huge effect on the way that your fresh water, drainage or heating system works. Over time, a slow leak can end up being just as destructive as a full pipe burst. It therefore pays to know about any leaks in your system.

To arrange a leak detection appointment with a leak detection specialist, just get in contact with King Arthur Plumbing.

NJ Leak Detection Services & Repairs including

Residential Leak Detection

Leak Detection Services Residential Inspection Water Leaks New Jersey

Residential Leak Detection / Repair

Slow leaks can cause a range of different problems, especially if the leak is in an area that is completely hidden from view. Water damage can be extensive if the leak is allowed to continue for a long time. Leaks like this can cause corrosion, ground erosion and deep rot. Slow leaks also increase the likelihood that a major burst will occur. A leak in a fresh water system or a hydronic heating system is also likely to cause a reduction in water pressure. This can reduce the efficiency of the system, meaning that the particular system will not work as well as it should.

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Sewer Leak Detection & Service Services Residential Inspection Water Leaks New Jersey - King Arthur Plumbing

Sewer Leak Detection & Service

For example, a leak in a toilet system can reduce the ability of the toilet to flush away waste properly. A leak detection appointment can help you to pinpoint the source of the problem. The team at King Arthur Plumbing is skilled in leak detection, so that the technicians are able to quickly identify where in the system the leak or leaks may be occurring from. Quick and accurate leak detection allows our plumbers to begin taking the first steps towards solving the problem.

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Leak Detection Home Protection Warranty

Leak Detection Services Residential Inspection Water Leaks New Jersey

Leak Detection & Service Warranty

As qualified plumbers, we will normally be able to fix the problem without needing to get in contact with any outside contractors. Prompt action on leaks can help to save you big bucks. We have taken every step to make sure that your customer experience with us is excellent. We offer exceptional customer service from your first contact through to your payment for service. Our customer service team will take the time to understand your problem and advise you about what services you might need.

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Leak Detection Services Residential Inspection Water Leaks New Jersey

Expert Leak Detection & Service

Thanks to our flexible appointment booking system, we will try our hardest to find an appointment that suits your needs. The call handler will find out your exact location and gather any additional access instructions to help us to get to you at the scheduled time. Once they are working at your home or commercial property, they will take the time to keep you updated on their findings. If they find anything that needs prompt attention, they will consult with you before carrying out the service.

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Leak Detection and repair helps to prevent any nasty billing surprises. When the technician has completed all of their work, they will take the time to clean up their working area so that you are not inconvenienced any further.

NJ Leak Detection and Repair Service

At King Arthur Plumbing, we are fully committed to training and retraining our technicians. Every technician who we use has the necessary qualifications to work in New Jersey and New York City. In order to carry out comprehensive leak detection, we are able to utilize many different methods.

New Jersey Emergency Leak Detection Professionals

The methods which are used can depend on the type of system which is being inspected. Our retraining program helps our technicians to keep up-to-date with all of the latest leak detection technologies. Rest assured that if you suspect that there is a leak in your system, we will do everything within our power to try to detect the location of the leak.

Once our technicians have completed the necessary work, they will take the time to clean up after themselves. We strive to make the whole process as easy and as quick as possible for all of our customers. Treating you how we would like to be treated by plumbers, means that we are able to offer wonderfully friendly and professional services.

We are fully licensed to conduct leak detection services and follow up repairs in New Jersey and New York City. Our technicians have all been vetted and drugs tested to ensure that they are ideal candidates to work in residential and commercial properties. All of our services are fully insured, so that you know that when you choose leak detection from King Arthur Plumbing, you will be in safe hands.

Our new online payment system will make it really easy for you to complete your transactions with King Arthur Plumbing. The system offers a secure, instant payment option with payment confirmation facilities. If you do not want to use online payment after your job, we are still able to offer plenty of traditional payment options to allow you to settle your invoice.

As well as carrying out rigorous leak detection testing, we are also able to offer a range of other commercial and residential services. These services include; full plumbing services, heating systems repairs and installations, air conditioning repairs and installations, ventilation and duct work services, drain and sewer cleaning, and septic tank cleaning and maintenance. To book your repair with one of our highly skilled technicians, please get in contact with King Arthur Plumbing at (732) 734-1350.

We are pleased to be able to serve customers across New Jersey and New York City.

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